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Author: Pete

How To Shop For Dog Coats And Jackets

Although equipped with fur to protect them from the elements and changing weather, your dog still needs dog coats and jackets during extreme cold or whenever you’re walking him out in the rain or snow. To help you with your purchase, here are some helpful tips to take note of.

Get the right size when you’re shopping for dog coats and jackets. Measure his length (tail to the base of the neck), chest, and neck to get a good idea of what sized coat or jacket you should buy. Depending on where you live, choose a fabric that best suits the weather in your area. Or better yet, choose coats and jackets in both light and thick materials so your dog always has something in his closet whatever the weather. As for the design of your dog’s coat or jacket, that’s totally up to your preference. Pet outerwear are available in wide varieties of colors, prints, and styles. Just make sure that your pooch is comfortable in what he’s wearing. The cute factor is already a given.

Shop for dogs coats and jackets with your little furry friend’s comfort in mind. Get the right size, pick the right material, and make sure that he’s protected from the cold whenever the temperature drops.

Make Playtime Fun With Baseball Dog Toys

Dogs need to exercise to stay fit and healthy, and the best way for them to keep active, aside from their daily walks, is to play. There’s always the good old stick to keep them occupied, but why not get them baseball dog toys, too! Add a cute jersey outfit and your precious pooch will be bouncing about in fun playtime with you.

Play catch with your dog with baseball dog toys. Keep him active and yourself as well, with a game of catch. If you’re a baseball fan and want your dog to share your love for the sport, you can easily find dog jerseys for him to wear for your playtime fun, for a walk in the park, or maybe even to watch a baseball game. When you do buy a baseball dog toy, make sure that it’s made of safe materials. Your dog of course will put it in his mouth or chew it to pass the time, and you do not want toxic ingredients that could cause poisoning and other serious health issues for your four-legged furbaby.

Shop for baseball dog toys and teach your dogs how to play fetch. Keep him active and healthy, while making memorable playtime memories together.